Writing Terms

Freelance writer's pen

I like to keep the terms simple so that I can focus on the writing.

Following your enquiry I will quote you a price based on your brief. I aim to complete work within two week; we shall agree a deadline date.

My fee includes two revisions, so long as the revisions are not adding content that was not in the brief. If changes are requested that are not part of a brief, an additional hourly rate will be charged (currently £20/hr).

For individual articles I shall invoice you when the first version is delivered by email. For regular work (e.g. weekly blog posts) I shall invoice you at the start of the month for all articles delivered the previous. All invoices must be settled within 21 days. All work is considered ghostwritten and you will own the copyright on purchase.

Legal / Financials

  • As a Sole Trader I am responsible for my own tax and National Insurance
  • I am not registered for VAT
  • My preferred forms of payment are: Direct Bank Transfer, Cash or PayPal. I give full details in my invoice. Cash only applies to local customers.

The Article Brief

A good brief is key to a great piece of content. Whether you wish to have a specific news item written or a feature article created, the same brief format is requested. For short news posts only the source page is required. You do not have to provide a brief; I am happy to make content suggestions based on your business and marketing requirements.

Note: If changes are requested that are not part of a brief an additional hourly rate will be charged. A comprehensive brief saves time.

  • A title
  • The purpose of the article: usually a short description (this will generally be the META description and/or article excerpt
  • Four to five bullet points of what the article should contain
  • Minimum / maximum number of words
  • Type: e.g. business broadcast, news item, informal blog post.
  • Style: Informal, neutral, opinion
  • First person, second or third person (I, you or they).
  • Language: UK English or US English
  • Keywords / keyword phrases to include
  • Web links required with keywords
  • Resources: a list of links to websites to use to provide the research for the article. If this is not provided an additional research fee is applied to the job.
  • Any information which must be included
  • Any information which must be excluded (e.g. business competitors, products, prices, dates).
  • File type: Word .doc, .txt, .html, .pdf
  • Deadline date

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