Blog Management

blog managementBlog management is a full blog writing, editing and moderating service. I will write new blog posts at a frequency specified by you.

I will have access to the CMS and publish the blog posts direct, link to your other pages when relevant to do so. I can also moderate comments on your behalf and alert you by email or phone when a comment is left that requires a reply.


These are by no means the only options available but are to give you an idea of what I can do for you:

  • Daily news (not possible for all businesses)
  • Weekly featured post
  • Friday news round-up of the week
  • Fortnightly news post
  • Monthly news / feature

Benefits of this service:

  • New articles posted at regular intervals to attract more search engine referrals and provide customers with relevant and up to date information.
  • Content which can be included in newsletters and posted to company social media pages.
  • Blog comments moderated / published
  • News posts written in your name and linked to your Google Author Profile
  • Unlimited edits (within reasonable parameters)
  • Relevant images supplied (either premium royalty free, creative commons or public domain)

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