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These articles are written in such a way that they are both engaging to readers and rank well in search engines.

This is achieved by writing truly interesting articles while also ensuring that the terms and words that are most often searched for are included in the articles.

Most of the work is ordered by marketing agencies. Articles are priced based on word count, with minimum word counts of 500, 750 or 1000 being standard.

If you require some SEO articles to help improve your search positions contact me today (07943 856525 or ) to learn more.

Specialisms: Health, Fitness, Finance, Travel and News

Hospital room scene an 1Education: Certificate in Health Sciences from the Open University

My first specialism is health and fitness. I have written extensively on fitness, weight loss, diet and nutrition, medical news, health research, health conditions and treatments and health technology.

I have studied numerous martial arts since my days at University. In 2010 I studied Health Sciences with the OU. Topics covered included COPD, pain, alcohol, breast cancer, diabetes, vision, obesity, human nutrition and also epidemiology.

Education: Geography BSc. from Coventry University

My degree provided the foundation for my writing career. At university I learned to analyse and review scientific literature, write reports and research essays. I also developed a good knowledge of climate and weather, soil sciences, biogeography, palaeontology, exploration (Africa and America), historical geographical research, British agricultural and countryside change and geomorphology.

Local business and industrial news

I cover local news and industrial news. Interesting local news stories are sourced from press and written up to produce and engaging and interesting item that is relevant to you business.

I have covered the following topics in detail over the years: health, medical, business, investments and technology.

Travel articles

I write travel reports including city and country guides and promotional material for cruises and adventure tourism. Research is done to produce a totally unique guide to help promote your services.

Search engine optimisation

I have a good understanding of SEO and always ensure that articles are written with your search objectives in mind. I have attended various search events in the UK including BrightonSEO, The Content Marketing Show and the Distilled Live London events.

Product and company descriptions

I can provide detailed company descriptions and fresh and unique product depictions.

Blog Management

blog managementBlog management is a full blog writing, editing and moderating service. I will write new blog posts at a frequency specified by you.

I will have access to the CMS and publish the blog posts direct, link to your other pages when relevant to do so. I can also moderate comments on your behalf and alert you by email or phone when a comment is left that requires a reply.


These are by no means the only options available but are to give you an idea of what I can do for you:

  • Daily news (not possible for all businesses)
  • Weekly featured post
  • Friday news round-up of the week
  • Fortnightly news post
  • Monthly news / feature

Benefits of this service:

  • New articles posted at regular intervals to attract more search engine referrals and provide customers with relevant and up to date information.
  • Content which can be included in newsletters and posted to company social media pages.
  • Blog comments moderated / published
  • News posts written in your name and linked to your Google Author Profile
  • Unlimited edits (within reasonable parameters)
  • Relevant images supplied (either premium royalty free, creative commons or public domain)

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Feature / In-Depth Article Writing

Feature and in-depth articlesFeature articles are longer articles, generally 750 to 2000 words, which provide an in-depth discussion on a specific topic. They are usually designed to answer specific questions which customers may have. The articles are researched thoroughly.

All references used in the writing of the article will be provided. Whether or not you include these in the published article is entirely up to you.

Feature articles can be used for either improving the quality of content on your own website, or for the purpose of content marketing.

All articles are ghost written so that you can chose to publish them in your own name.

This service should increase the readership of your website or blog and help to engage customers. Interesting features can also be added to newsletters to help draw past customers back to the website.

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