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I have been writing blog posts, feature articles, product descriptions, reviews, service pages and new articles for websites since 2006.

During this time I have written for one of the UK’s leading content agencies, producing over 700 content pieces in the past year alone.

If you are looking to increase the search rankings of your company website I recommend that you publish a weekly blog post. Well written articles help to drive more traffic from search and social and also have the potential to convert your readers into loyal customers.

Short Story Competition – $1000 First Prize

Moozvine short story competitionMoozvine, the new crowdfunding publishing platform, has marked their launch with an exciting short story competition. The first prize is $1000 and the runner up will win $500.

The Competition

The short story competition is for works of up to 7,000 words and the prizes are given based on the contributions / pledges that Moozvine users make between now and 31st December 2014.

It is easy to get on board; just create an account and upload a completed story in a pdf or .pub format.

Creating a PDF

Don’t worry if you have never put your work into PDF format, it is easy. The latest versions of Word allow you to save a document as a PDF, and free online word processors such as Google Drive also allow you to save (export) as PDF.


Moozvine launched officially on 31st October 2014. It is the creation of Rich Martin, an ex-Google employee, who passionately believes that the current digital publishing system is failing both the consumers of content (readers of literature and listeners of music) and the creators (authors and musicians).

Moozvine provides a way for people to raise funds (crowdsourcing / crowdfunding) that enable content to be released. Rather than selling content licences to individuals (the old system) the community pledges towards the permanent global release of a product.

Once a piece of consent (book, story, poem, graphic novel, song, album) is released everyone is free to read it, share it and keep a copy of it on the device of their choosing.

You can learn more about Moozvine on Webologist (my web / Internet blog). You can find out more about my fiction writing over at my Jon Wade website.

Click here to get started!



Why is Web Copywriting Important?

SEO tag cloudHow does good copy help your business?

  • It grabs your readers’ attention
  • It helps to sell your products and services
  • It shows to Google that your site is high quality

Why Blogging is Important

Blogging is simply a term which refers to the writing of “web logs”. The main difference between web copywriting and blogging is that web copywriting is mostly concerned with directly promoting the services which a site provides, such as product descriptions and company information pages.

A blog can cover a much wider range of topics and is designed partly to draw in more clients by writing on subjects which will interest readers. For example, by reporting on major industry news you can reach out to new clients who will become aware of your services as a result. Blogs are a great way of keeping your site fresh in the search engines and also engaging your clients and readers through discussion.

Well researched and uniquely written articles help to improve your search engine rankings and also enhance visitor engagement. Good copy can help you to increase sales.

As the Internet advances the importance of quality on-page content becomes increasingly important. Google now uses site quality to help in the ranking websites within its index.

Since the Google Panda update was introduced to the UK many businesses have found that their sites are under-performing. It is vital in today’s competitive market that your website provides your readers with information to engage them.

If you need a copywriter to update page content, write a company news blog or improve product descriptions, contact me today on 07943 856525 or complete the contact form.

Jon Wade.

Rank Better by Keeping Your Web Content Fresh

Improve pagerankOne of the best ways to boost your company website in the search engines (known as SEO) is to publish a regular and relevant blog. Fresh content is vital to all businesses that wish to rank better in Google.

There are many SEO factors in Google’s search engine that determine rankings (and they make hundreds of changes every year) but the most important ones are content relevancy and content freshness.

Increase Freshness

One of the biggest challenges that business websites face is encouraging the Google search engine (and others) to regularly revisit and reassess. If nothing changes, there is no reason for Google to visit and this can damage search presence. If you add a regular blog post, Google will learn to return on a regular basis.

Increase Relevancy

Another reason to blog is to increase the relevancy of your site and help to position your business as an expert within the web community. Writing regular blog posts that tackle important issues within your business sector, reporting major news items and showcasing your new products and services are great ways to increase your search engine rankings.

Along with optimising your product pages for search this is the most important way to move up the search results and rise above your competitors.

I am a professional blogger and have over six years experience writing across a variety of industries. I have also had personal experience working in finance, investment banking, retail, catering and forestry. Some of my regular clients include plumbers, software companies, drug testing labs and legal advisers. I have also successfully built several of my own websites that discuss health, fitness and even cooking.

If you want to improve your web presence by utilising SEO content strategies, get in touch with me today.

Recent writing work

Here are some examples of feature articles, editorials and news posts I have recently written for my clients.

Legal news for a British law firm

  • A guide to pre-nuptial agreements
  • Police take action to tackle domestic abuse
  • Current issues in UK prisons
  • Care proceedings cancelled by council for local woman
  • Manual worker wins payout after losing hand
  • Young asylum seekers outperforming local care leavers
  • Rise in eviction notices across London
  • Police investigate new ways to support mental health patients

Health related news

  • Social drug testing policy
  • Advice for travelling with a medical condition
  • Agricultural pesticides linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • High-caffeine energy drinks in Schools
  • Testing children for cannabis is ineffective in school
  • Drug and alcohol abuse linked to body confidence
  • City workers are abusing alcohol and drugs

Technical and financial articles

  • Video Games – pushing animation into the future
  • Workflow analysis for medical device development
  • A guide to cloud software for start-up businesses
  • International banking technology
  • Utilising up an umbrella companies to save tax

Travel features

  • Irish holidays for Golf enthusiasts
  • The real Las Vegas
  • Exploring Spanish archaeological sites
  • Adventures in Mexico City
  • Florida family holiday guide
  • Visit Lisbon

Trade and business articles

  • Cold weather causing natural gas supply problems
  • Is it time to update your central heating?
  • Energy saving advice for your home
  • Guide to log book loans
  • Making money in your free time
  • Umbrella VS Limited companies
  • A guide to expenses for your company
  • Why is branding so important?
  • From student to small business owner

 Plumbing and Heating blog

  • Is it time to refurbish your bathroom?
  • Water softening and filtration
  • New water auditor certification
  • Solar Hot Water Systems

The Importance of Regular Website Updates

latest newsSince Google integrated the Query Deserved Freshness (QDF) feature into its search algorithm there has been a greater need to keep websites fresh and up to date.

The best way for a business to do this is to run a company new blog. The blog should highlight what the company is doing and also run stories related to the rest of the industry.

While frequent website updates are important it is equally important to creating relevant and interesting content. Some businesses post a new blog item daily while others post only when something interesting comes up in the news.

Whichever approach you wish to take, I can help. I have written news blogs for a variety of websites covering medical news, personal finance, local business news, general health and a host of other topics.

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