Why is Web Copywriting Important?

SEO tag cloudHow does good copy help your business?

  • It grabs your readers’ attention
  • It helps to sell your products and services
  • It shows to Google that your site is high quality

Why Blogging is Important

Blogging is simply a term which refers to the writing of “web logs”. The main difference between web copywriting and blogging is that web copywriting is mostly concerned with directly promoting the services which a site provides, such as product descriptions and company information pages.

A blog can cover a much wider range of topics and is designed partly to draw in more clients by writing on subjects which will interest readers. For example, by reporting on major industry news you can reach out to new clients who will become aware of your services as a result. Blogs are a great way of keeping your site fresh in the search engines and also engaging your clients and readers through discussion.

Well researched and uniquely written articles help to improve your search engine rankings and also enhance visitor engagement. Good copy can help you to increase sales.

As the Internet advances the importance of quality on-page content becomes increasingly important. Google now uses site quality to help in the ranking websites within its index.

Since the Google Panda update was introduced to the UK many businesses have found that their sites are under-performing. It is vital in today’s competitive market that your website provides your readers with information to engage them.

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Jon Wade.