Short Story Competition – $1000 First Prize

Moozvine short story competitionMoozvine, the new crowdfunding publishing platform, has marked their launch with an exciting short story competition. The first prize is $1000 and the runner up will win $500.

The Competition

The short story competition is for works of up to 7,000 words and the prizes are given based on the contributions / pledges that Moozvine users make between now and 31st December 2014.

It is easy to get on board; just create an account and upload a completed story in a pdf or .pub format.

Creating a PDF

Don’t worry if you have never put your work into PDF format, it is easy. The latest versions of Word allow you to save a document as a PDF, and free online word processors such as Google Drive also allow you to save (export) as PDF.


Moozvine launched officially on 31st October 2014. It is the creation of Rich Martin, an ex-Google employee, who passionately believes that the current digital publishing system is failing both the consumers of content (readers of literature and listeners of music) and the creators (authors and musicians).

Moozvine provides a way for people to raise funds (crowdsourcing / crowdfunding) that enable content to be released. Rather than selling content licences to individuals (the old system) the community pledges towards the permanent global release of a product.

Once a piece of consent (book, story, poem, graphic novel, song, album) is released everyone is free to read it, share it and keep a copy of it on the device of their choosing.

You can learn more about Moozvine on Webologist (my web / Internet blog). You can find out more about my fiction writing over at my Jon Wade website.

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