Recent writing work

Here are some examples of feature articles, editorials and news posts I have recently written for my clients.

Legal news for a British law firm

  • A guide to pre-nuptial agreements
  • Police take action to tackle domestic abuse
  • Current issues in UK prisons
  • Care proceedings cancelled by council for local woman
  • Manual worker wins payout after losing hand
  • Young asylum seekers outperforming local care leavers
  • Rise in eviction notices across London
  • Police investigate new ways to support mental health patients

Health related news

  • Social drug testing policy
  • Advice for travelling with a medical condition
  • Agricultural pesticides linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • High-caffeine energy drinks in Schools
  • Testing children for cannabis is ineffective in school
  • Drug and alcohol abuse linked to body confidence
  • City workers are abusing alcohol and drugs

Technical and financial articles

  • Video Games – pushing animation into the future
  • Workflow analysis for medical device development
  • A guide to cloud software for start-up businesses
  • International banking technology
  • Utilising up an umbrella companies to save tax

Travel features

  • Irish holidays for Golf enthusiasts
  • The real Las Vegas
  • Exploring Spanish archaeological sites
  • Adventures in Mexico City
  • Florida family holiday guide
  • Visit Lisbon

Trade and business articles

  • Cold weather causing natural gas supply problems
  • Is it time to update your central heating?
  • Energy saving advice for your home
  • Guide to log book loans
  • Making money in your free time
  • Umbrella VS Limited companies
  • A guide to expenses for your company
  • Why is branding so important?
  • From student to small business owner

 Plumbing and Heating blog

  • Is it time to refurbish your bathroom?
  • Water softening and filtration
  • New water auditor certification
  • Solar Hot Water Systems