Rank Better by Keeping Your Web Content Fresh

Improve pagerankOne of the best ways to boost your company website in the search engines (known as SEO) is to publish a regular and relevant blog. Fresh content is vital to all businesses that wish to rank better in Google.

There are many SEO factors in Google’s search engine that determine rankings (and they make hundreds of changes every year) but the most important ones are content relevancy and content freshness.

Increase Freshness

One of the biggest challenges that business websites face is encouraging the Google search engine (and others) to regularly revisit and reassess. If nothing changes, there is no reason for Google to visit and this can damage search presence. If you add a regular blog post, Google will learn to return on a regular basis.

Increase Relevancy

Another reason to blog is to increase the relevancy of your site and help to position your business as an expert within the web community. Writing regular blog posts that tackle important issues within your business sector, reporting major news items and showcasing your new products and services are great ways to increase your search engine rankings.

Along with optimising your product pages for search this is the most important way to move up the search results and rise above your competitors.

I am a professional blogger and have over six years experience writing across a variety of industries. I have also had personal experience working in finance, investment banking, retail, catering and forestry. Some of my regular clients include plumbers, software companies, drug testing labs and legal advisers. I have also successfully built several of my own websites that discuss health, fitness and even cooking.

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