Wade’s Words is Jon Wade’s copywriting business.

I have been writing for the web since 2006 and have now written over a thousand articles on a range of topics including, but not limited to, business news, local news stories, health and medical, finance and investment, travel and tourism, technology and the internet, recipes and healthy eating.

Here there are some examples of recent topics covered. One of my specialist areas is health and fitness writing.

I am a native English speaker from England. Educated to degree level (Geography BSc.) and have studied Health Sciences with the Open University.

I have worked in forestry, conservation, investment banking, web design, catering and now I am a professional, freelance writer. I write for both marketing agencies and individuals.

Education and courses

  • Geography BSc. (Hons) 2.1
  • Certificate in Health Science (Open University)
  • Start Writing Fiction – The Open University / FutureLearn
  • IAQ Introduction to Securities & Investment

Bragging rights

  • Most popular article in the health and fitness niche has been read over 5.5 million times

Previously ….

  • 1974: Born at St. Johns in Chelmsford ….
  • 1992: A Levels in Geography, Physics, Mathematics
  • 1995: Worked for the Forestry Commission Research Division
  • 1997: Graduated with Geography BSc. (Hons)
  • 1997 – 2009: Worked for various banking institutions in London, performing market research and reporting.
  • 2009 to now: Managing websites and content
  • 2010: Certificate in Health Sciences with the OU
  • 2014: Launched Freelance Web Content Writer

What makes a good web content writer?

the globeWhat makes a good web content writer? Maybe somebody with an impeccable understanding of English grammar or a thorough knowledge of classic literature? Unlikely. As good as an English BA is, it is not actually ideal for writing web content.

Maybe somebody with a Journalism BA would be better? They will learn how to write powerful and engaging articles, and to research a story. However, can you really afford for some unique research to be carried out for every article you have written for your website? Unlikely. Journalist BAs are fantastic at journalism, they are not always so suited for writing web copy.

Some of the best writers are people who has learned to read research papers, analyse and compare, to discuss findings and present in a logical way. During my years at university I learned my trade – researching and writing. A Geography degree is possibly the best qualification for a web writer. However, I may be biased.